Welcome to my art page. My name is Nathan Little.

I am an animation graduate from Sheridan College with over a decade of experience animating, supervising, and directing on a wide range of children’s TV series. (Iggy Arbuckle, Grossology, Ruby Gloom, Guess with Jess, Sidekick, Detentionaire, and many others).

After following a shift in direction that led me to enroll at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago I completed 4 years of study focused on art-making, community building, and spiritual formation. While enrolled, and unable to fully trade my pencil for books, I began focusing on illustration work and contributed illustrations to several published books from Moody Publishers and Oxford University Press.

I now live in Halifax, N.S. with my wife and 3 kids doing freelance animation/illustration work full-time. I am also the artist-in-residence at the historic St. Paul’s Anglican Church where I run a small community art studio.

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