I am so excited to share some characters I have been working on for just over a year now! I designed these characters – Elizabeth, Tomás, Faith and Simon – for a new brand called SAFEhearts. They were created to help parents and kids have more open and more ongoing conversations about kid’s bodies and how to respond when personal boundaries are threatened.  It’s just trying to keep kids from becoming a statistic and to help them to keep their bodies – and their hearts – protected from sexual abuse.

The core of this project is a series of wonderfully written books that I am illustrating through (among many other things that are still upcoming… and still secret). The first two books were just released this past weekend – which is why I can finally talk about them and start sharing images. Though I have created all the artwork for SAFEhearts, it has been given the gift of a great graphic designer who has pulled all the images together so well in the books and has given the project a light and appealing look – something super helpful for this kind of content! There is a great website for the books that really features the characters and the vision of this project well – check it out if you are interested and download a free coloring page while you are there.

I have lots of work to share from this project and will keep updating the site over the coming weeks!

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