Creating Comics

Every now and then a small project comes across my desk that I cannot resist. Most times I should say “no” because I am busy with other work but the opportunity to participate just looks like too much fun and I can’t help but say “yes”. These Toestee comics exemplify this scenario.

So I said “yes” to the opportunity to not only draw 36 of these cute little comics, but also to come up with the ideas for the gags.

The experience has rewarded me in the ways I had hoped. I accept these little extra projects with the expectation that they will push me out of my comfort zone, make me try things I wouldn’t otherwise have considered, give me experience in a new space, and inform and strengthen the work I am already doing. While these drawings are obviously not a huge leap from my normal style, they did make me try a few techniques, specifically, in how they are colored and how the backgrounds are drawn. They also allowed me to play with how humor best plays out visually. While not every comic turned out with the same measure of success – the ones that were successful revealed to me something new that I could do and I am quite happy with them!

Here are a few of my favorites!


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