Kindness for Karen

A full year and a half after I released Patience for Peter (the first book in my Fruits of the Spirit Story for Kids series AND my first ever self-published book) I have completed and released the next book – Kindness for Karen. YAY! I am so proud of this book and am thrilled to offer it as the next step in this series.


Completing a book in your “extra” time is really hard. Many nights after coming home from work, eating, and putting the kids to bed – I’d begin and continue to draw until early into the morning (yes, still loving every second of doing it). But I can’t say it is all just sustained hard work or passion. I received SO many little encouragements, emails and notes each month that would drive me back to my desk to finish another image. Another review on Amazon, an email from a family that deeply connected with it, a kid who kept asking her parents for the next book etc… and each of these just gave me that continual and extra push to keep going. I am so grateful for each of these instances and now have Kindness for Karen as a result! I hope you enjoy!

You can find out all you want to know about these books at the Fruits of the Spirit Stories for Kids website!

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