Character Design

I have had the opportunity over the past few months to create a few different character designs and so I have started a new page on my site that will begin to hold them. For now I wanted to share with you a design I did for Moovix – Toestee the Dragon. This design did not end up being the final design used for animation but these drawings still give a nice peek into what is unseen in the final product – and I like the way they turned out. Doing character designs is both a blessing and a curse for me and highlights both strengths and weaknesses. I love the opportunity to explore a character – usually I only get to do this through movement in animation after the character has been designed – and so the chance to do this here through posing and design was fun. There is an openness at this stage that I love because nothing is defined yet, however, with that freedom comes the responsibility to also provide a character that can turn around and be both consistent, appealing, and easy to reproduce from all angles. This was as far as I went in the design process before I hopped over to supervise the animation from RME (Rudra Matsa Entertainment) in India on the 3 short episodes that would feature Toestee and his red socks!

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