The 5 Love Languages for Men

I just received a copy of The 5 Love Languages for Men. I completed 35 illustrations for this book – see some of them here – a final project to end 2014. This project has a great timeline story (grab a coffee) – originally, I was scheduled to complete it on my daughter’s due date, however, since production timelines are crazy, it STARTED instead as a rush project the day before she was due. I still took on the project because I was excited to work on it, I had said that I would, AND I assumed a magic gnome would stop by my desk granting me endless extra hours each day.

Since I was expecting a little baby in my schedule, I had cleared 2 weeks to allow for some “family adjustment” time. Here’s the crazy thing – Eden, my daughter, was born two weeks late which gave me EXACTLY enough time to finish these drawings before she came – I drew like crazy those 2 weeks. Seriously… I emailed the last drawing while my wife was having her first contractions. And so it finished right on time. I used up my adjustment time – life got busy again – and then she made her entrance… that’s another story.

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